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iPad Pro 2018 vs Surface Pro 6 for note-taking

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Day 1 of the Microsoft Ignite conference, I took notes on the iPad Pro 2018. And on day 2, I took notes on the Surface Pro 6. I will be comparing them both in this blog post and demonstrate the pros and cons of using these devices for note-taking.

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A review of the redesigned Outlook

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Do you use Outlook every single day? I do! That’s why I’m excited to learn about the new, redesigned Outlook that Microsoft is rolling out. Don’t worry – your favorite app won’t change overnight – you will be in control of the switch. Microsoft has announced something called “Coming Soon” to Outlook for Windows, a […] Read More

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Organize Your Life with Microsoft To-Do

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This article was last updated on July 12th, 2018 to include the new features introduced in Microsoft To-Do. Do you find it hard to keep track of things? Have you given up on Outlook for task management because it’s just too cluttered? Would you like a simple way to keep track of your to-do’s?Perhaps Microsoft […] Read More

OneNote in Everyday Life

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Last week we had a lot of fun at our house recording a documentary of how I use OneNote to stay organized in my personal life. The documentary will be shown during the “Learn OneNote Conference 2016”. This is a free, online conference that brings together the worlds’ experts on OneNote to share their knowledge. […] Read More

Office 2016 and Office for Windows 10

Microsoft Office 2016 – the choice for productivity gurus

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As more and more people replace their laptops for smartphones and iPads, it’s only natural that the software we use on a daily basis is adapted for these types of devices with smaller screens that we interact with using our fingers. Naturally, there is a limit to what we can accomplish with these devices, and […] Read More

Save information to OneNote from anywhere any device

Save information to OneNote from anywhere!

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I’m a dedicated OneNote user – both professionally and personally. I use OneNote to take notes during meetings, to do research for blog posts, to gather information about the products I plan to purchase or trips I plan to take. I use OneNote to write down funny things my children say that I know I’ll […] Read More

Use technology to unwind during your holiday

Use technology to unwind during your vacation

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Last year in July I wrote an article on how to unplug from work and how to stay away from technology to really unwind during your vacation. For some people that is exactly what they need – to stay away from technology. They prefer to go to an isolated place with no Wi-Fi, no TV, […] Read More

Office Video - a corporate YouTube solution from Microsoft

Office Video – a corporate “YouTube” solution

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Update: Office 365 Video will transition to Microsoft Stream   Have you ever wished that you could have a “corporate YouTube” solution in your organization’s Intranet? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have various channels with videos for training, strategy, product and service updates and other internal communication? There are a number of enterprise video […] Read More

Enhancements of Surface Pro 3

Exciting new enhancements of Surface Pro 3

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On May 20th, Satya Nadella (Microsoft’s CEO) and Panos Panay (Corporate VP of Microsoft Surface) introduced the Surface Pro 3 at a press event in New York. Surface Pro 3 is the third generation of Microsoft’s Surface hardware and for every version more and more critics turn in favor of the device. Being an enthusiastic […] Read More

How to use Flash Fill

How to use Flash Fill in Excel 2013?

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One of the most useful and timesaving tools Microsoft has introduced in Office 2013 is Flash Fill in Excel. In my opinion, this tool itself is a reason to upgrade to Office 2013! Flash Fill takes tedious tasks, often performed manually, and executes them automatically. You don’t have to insert a single formula – Excel […] Read More

Transforming the way we work

Transforming the way we work

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Last week, April 12th, I delivered the keynote presentation at the 1st Live Online SharePoint Saturday Gulf event with the topic, “Transforming the way we work”. For those of you who missed it or weren’t able to attend, you can see the full presentation below. Welcome Good morning (صباح الخير) and welcome everyone! (مرحبا) It’s […] Read More

5 Ways to train employees on Microsoft Office

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Employees in most organizations are expected to know how to analyze data in Excel, create a presentation in PowerPoint and write a report in Word. Even though Microsoft Office is used by business professionals for numerous hours a day, very few employees have actually been trained on how to use Microsoft Office. Here lies an […] Read More

What is Codename Oslo and what are the benefits?

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Update: Microsoft announced Delve as the official name for codename Oslo. One of the highlights at the SharePoint Conference 2014 that was held in Las Vegas in March was Codename Oslo (hereafter called Oslo). Oslo, which is a “search and discover” application, will enable employees to navigate through the enormous amounts of data circulating within […] Read More

Benefits of the Office Apps and the Office Store

The benefits of the Office Apps and the Office Store

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Are you using Office 2013 or SharePoint 2013? Did you know that you can extend the functionality further by downloading Office Apps through the Office Store? Office Apps are light-weight web applications that you can add and make accessible through the Microsoft Office/SharePoint interface. In this week’s blog, I’ll give you an overview of how […] Read More

Benefits of OneDrive

What is OneDrive and how can you benefit from using it?

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OneDrive is the new name for Microsoft’s online storage offering that up until now has been known as SkyDrive. According to Microsoft, the new name “OneDrive” better aligns with the vision of having everything in one place. The new name is being rolled out globally, however, you will still see the old name “SkyDrive” here […] Read More

Connect with the outside world using Lync 2013

Communicate with the outside world using Lync 2013

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Update 1 (2015): Microsoft announced that Skype for Business will replace Lync. Update 2 (2017): Microsoft announced that Microsoft Teams would replace Skype for Business eventually. For many years organizations have been using Microsoft Lync (formerly known as Microsoft Office Communications Server) to enable employees to send instant messages, talk and have video conferences with […] Read More

What is PPI and what are the benefits

What is Perceptive Pixel (PPI) and what are the benefits?

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In July 2012 Microsoft acquired Perceptive Pixel, a company specializing in large, multi-touch interfaces. Microsoft has announced two products based on this technology. One 82-inch and one 55-inch multi-touch device running Windows 8. Currently, Microsoft is running a pilot program with selected partners trialing these devices, before bringing them to the international market. When you […] Read More

Unable to insert YouTube videos in PowerPoint 2013

YouTube videos currently not working in PowerPoint 2013

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Last week I was recording a training video on how to make eye-catching presentations using video in PowerPoint 2013. To my big surprise the option to insert online videos from YouTube or Bing where gone! After spending way too much time troubleshooting my installation of Office 2013 I did some online research to find out […] Read More

Present using your mobile with Office Remote

Present using your mobile phone with Office Remote

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Do you like walking around when you are presenting? You should try it! Presenters who move around and use more of the podium are perceived as more relaxed and they connect better with their audience.  In this week’s blog post I’ll share with you how you can use an application from Microsoft Research called Office […] Read More

Create a video ad using PowerPoint 2013

Create a video advertisement using PowerPoint 2013

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Video is an extremely powerful tool to advertise a product to a large audience online. Video platforms like YouTube have made it really easy for companies to upload videos and spread them free of charge. If you go to an ad agency and ask them to produce a video ad for you it will be […] Read More

Benefits of the task list in SharePoint 2013

Benefits of the Task list in SharePoint 2013

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Whenever multiple people are working together on a joint project or initiative you need some way of effectively communicating what everyone is supposed to do. You also need to track what everyone has (or has not) done in order to manage the project properly to deliver on time. I’ve always been a big fan of […] Read More

My business my family my life

My business, my family, my life and how technology helps me every day

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Tomorrow I’m giving a speech at the Qatar International Business Women Forum in Doha with the title, “My business, my family, my life and how technology helps me every day”. The objective of the speech is to show how technology can empower women to reach their goals in their careers, their relationships and lives.  In […] Read More

How to use SkyDrive for personal and business data

How to use SkyDrive for both business and personal data?

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Update: Microsoft SkyDrive has been replaced with Microsoft OneDrive. You can learn more about OneDrive here. SkyDrive Pro has been replaced with OneDrive for Business.   Do you have business-related documents on your laptop that you need to share with colleagues, access from various devices and back up properly? Do you, on the same computer, have photographs of friends […] Read More

6 steps to help you get started with Windows 8.1

6 steps to help you get started with Windows 8.1

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October 17, 2013, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows 8.1. It’s not a new operating system – it’s an update to Windows 8 that Microsoft released about a year ago. Even though a lot of effort has been put into the update, the improvements aren’t revolutionizing so you shouldn’t be expecting a huge change. […] Read More

Exciting enhancements with Surface Pro 2

Exciting new enhancements of Surface Pro 2

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About a year ago, on October 25th, 2012, Microsoft launched a new range of tablet devices called Surface. If you’ve missed what this device is all about you can read my blog post, “What is Microsoft Surface? A tablet I want for business “. Since then, the two devices Surface RT and Surface Pro have […] Read More

Why would I consider buying a Windows mobile phone

Why would I consider buying a Windows mobile?

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On September 3rd, Microsoft announced that they will be acquiring Nokia’s Devices and Services division and patents for a total of 5.44 billion Euros. This is a clear signal that Microsoft is serious about taking a fair share of the mobile phone market. Most people who purchase a new smartphone today seem to choose between […] Read More

Skype integrated with

Increased productivity with Skype in

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Last week on August 19th, Microsoft announced that Skype is now available as an integrated service in for users in the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, France, Canada, and the United States. Microsoft is working hard to roll out the service worldwide. The Skype integration means that you can send instant messages, have voice […] Read More

Give your pictures life with Windows Photo Gallery

Give your pictures new life with Photo Gallery

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Update: Windows Essentials 2012 suite reached the end of support, and is unavailable for download.   Most people today have thousands of pictures saved in numerous folders on computers and hard drives. If you don’t have the right tools, working with pictures can be a time-consuming nightmare. In many cases, our pictures are left in […] Read More

Windows 8.1 - Top enhancements for traditional PC users

Windows 8.1 – Top enhancements for traditional PC users

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With Windows 8 Microsoft made a huge bet on new, portable devices with touch screens. The new Windows 8 interface is extremely cool if you have a touch-enabled tablet – but if you don’t, Windows 8 can be a bit confusing, and switching between the new Windows 8, touch-enabled interface and the traditional desktop interface […] Read More