Our Offerings

As the name, “Business Productivity” implies, our core mission is to help organizations and individuals increase their business productivity. We do this by producing engaging content that focuses on the effective use of technology, real-life scenarios and best practices. Below is a high-level overview of the services we provide.

Business Productivity Consulting

Increasing workplace productivity is an ongoing journey that requires focus and attention. We have years of experience working with customers all over the world. Our consultants are experts in driving adoption using engaging material and modern services such as Storyals. The service includes helping organizations get up to speed with Microsoft Teams, set up SharePoint Hub sites, implement Office 365 adoption programs and much more.

Business Productivity Tutorials

On the BusinessProductivity.com website, we have a full video library of tutorials covering a wide range of applications such as Outlook, Windows, Word, Excel, etc. The videos are scenario-based, focusing on what you need to know to work more effectively. By getting a membership to Business Productivity users get access to ad-free videos, with full transcripts and screenshots for an optimal learning experience. Business Productivity Tutorials can also be purchased by organizations that want to host the videos on internal learning management platforms or their Intranet. Our Business Productivity Tutorials are also available on Vimeo on-demand, as well as free, ad-based versions of the tutorials on YouTube.


Business Productivity Courses

Sometimes people want to learn how to effectively use a product from A-Z. We have packaged our videos into structured online e-courses for users who prefer that format of learning. Our courses are offered by numerous online course suppliers such as Udemy, OpenSesame and CyberU.



Onsite engagements

Our founder, Ulrika Hedlund, is a sought-after speaker, advisor, and trainer. Whether you are having an Office 365 launch event or want to have a productivity workshop with your Leadership team, Ulrika will be sure to deliver. Send an email to info@businessproductivity.com for inquiries.



Storyals is the latest of our offerings – targeted for organizations of all sizes that want to increase employee productivity using Microsoft 365 (Office 365). Storyals is a collection of video packages that organizations of all sizes can subscribe to get up to speed on Microsoft 365. See the introduction video below to learn more or go to the Storyals.com website.