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Prezi or PowerPoint

Prezi and PowerPoint – overview and major differences

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If you attend or create a lot of presentations I’m sure you’re very familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint. Perhaps you have also seen or heard about Prezi? Prezi is a relatively new presentation software which allows you to create more free-flow, visually appealing presentations. In this week’s blog post I’ll give you an overview of the […] Read More

How to present using Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad

How to present using PowerPoint for iPad?

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Last week, March 27th, Microsoft announced Microsoft Office for iPad. Now anyone who has an iPad can download Excel, PowerPoint and Word from the App Store free of charge. Anyone can use the apps to view Office documents, but to edit and create new documents you need a certain type of Office 365 subscription. In […] Read More

How to effectively create a presentation as a group?

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Imagine that you and three of your colleagues need to create a joint presentation for an important customer meeting tomorrow morning. You all need to contribute with different parts. How do you do this effectively to meet the deadline? A common scenario is for each and every one to create their own slides, email them […] Read More

How to present using touch in PowerPoint 2013

How to present using touch in PowerPoint 2013?

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Microsoft has designed PowerPoint 2013 to support both touch-screen devices as well as traditional computers where you use a mouse and keyboard.  Even though it’s quite straight-forward to use PowerPoint 2013 on a touchscreen device, it helps to have the basics covered before you deliver a presentation. In this week’s blog post I’ll share some […] Read More

Unable to insert YouTube videos in PowerPoint 2013

YouTube videos currently not working in PowerPoint 2013

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Last week I was recording a training video on how to make eye-catching presentations using video in PowerPoint 2013. To my big surprise the option to insert online videos from YouTube or Bing where gone! After spending way too much time troubleshooting my installation of Office 2013 I did some online research to find out […] Read More

Present using your mobile with Office Remote

Present using your mobile phone with Office Remote

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Do you like walking around when you are presenting? You should try it! Presenters who move around and use more of the podium are perceived as more relaxed and they connect better with their audience.  In this week’s blog post I’ll share with you how you can use an application from Microsoft Research called Office […] Read More

How to pulish your presentation online

How to publish your PowerPoint presentation online?

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Most of the time a PowerPoint presentation is presented to the audience during a live presentation – either face to face or online. But sometimes you want to publish your presentation on a website for others to see when they have time. You might want to publish a company presentation on your public facing website, […] Read More

How to Conduct an Effective Video Presentation?

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Last week I was invited to a customer in Qatar to give a presentation on how to increase business productivity using technology. They had told me that they would broadcast the presentation to their remote offices around the world. But I hadn’t expected that I would be sitting in a room, facing a camera and […] Read More

Useful computer tips for conducting presentations

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I’m thrilled to be posting this week’s blog article on our new website that went live on Friday the 15th of June. You will find my weekly Business Productivity blog under the name “Get Sharp” on the main menu, or you can access the latest blog post at the bottom of the first page. You […] Read More

How to deliver a successful presentation?

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Last week I wrote an article on how to prepare a successful presentation following 6 steps. In this article, I will go into more detail on how to deliver the presentation. As you learned in the previous article, in order to deliver a good presentation you need to be well prepared and you need to […] Read More

Preparing a successful presentation

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Being able to give good presentations is a key element in a business professional’s career. There is no such thing as a naturally good presenter, some people might be more natural speaking in front of other people, but presenting well takes time and effort. No one can deliver a successful presentation ill-prepared. In the coming […] Read More