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iPad Pro 2018 vs Surface Pro 6 for note-taking

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Day 1 of the Microsoft Ignite conference, I took notes on the iPad Pro 2018. And on day 2, I took notes on the Surface Pro 6. I will be comparing them both in this blog post and demonstrate the pros and cons of using these devices for note-taking.

OneNote in Everyday Life

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Last week we had a lot of fun at our house recording a documentary of how I use OneNote to stay organized in my personal life. The documentary will be shown during the “Learn OneNote Conference 2016”. This is a free, online conference that brings together the worlds’ experts on OneNote to share their knowledge. […] Read More

How to effectively share notes in OneNote 2013

How to effectively use shared meeting notes in OneNote 2013?

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One of the many valuable benefits of OneNote 2013 is that you can more easily share meeting notes with each other. Microsoft has integrated the OneNote “Meeting Notes” functionality into Outlook and Lync so that you can easily share notes with meeting attendees just with a click of a button. However, in order to use […] Read More

How to get started with stand-up meetings

How to get started with stand-up meetings?

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It’s a well-known fact that a lot of time is wasted within organizations during meetings. In order to save time and to increase the level of knowledge transfer and collaboration many teams, primarily software development teams, are using so-called stand-up meetings. A stand-up meeting is a short (5-15 min) status update meeting, where all team […] Read More

How to keep your meetings on track

How to keep your meetings on track?

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How to keep your meetings on track? In May 2012 there was an article in the Wall Street Journal called, “Meet the Meeting Killers.” In the article the columnist described four types of people that ruin effective meetings; “The Jokester”, “The Dominator”, “The Naysayer” and “The Rambler”. Anyone who has run meetings knows about these […] Read More

Improve brainstorming using mind maps

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In January 2012 I wrote an article on how to lead a brainstorming session. One important aspect of brainstorming is capturing ideas through note-taking. In my article, I recommended that you take visual notes – using colors, pictures, shapes and symbols to capture the ideas that are generated during the meeting.  One way to do […] Read More

How to take good meeting minutes?

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Many employees within organizations complain about too many meetings. Not only do they feel they waste a lot of time in meetings, they also feel that most meetings are ineffective. In my blog post “Running Effective Meetings” I share some advice on how to run more effective meetings. In this article, I wanted to cover […] Read More

How to lead a brainstorming session?

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Gathering a group of people in a room for an effective brainstorming session is a wonderful way of generating new ideas. But all too often I’ve been in sessions where the person who is running the meeting says “Let’s brainstorm!” without introducing any rules or guidelines. Some people might throw various ideas out, but more […] Read More

Running Effective Meetings

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I thought I would start off 2012 with a blog post on how to conduct effective meetings. So much time and effort is wasted at every workplace all over the world because very few people know how to run effective meetings. About ten years ago I spoke to a friend of mine who was working […] Read More