How to see SharePoint tasks in Outlook

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Please note that this is a shortened, fast-speed video with the objective to give you a glimpse of ways in which you can improve your business productivity. The full video: “Plan an event using delegated team tasks” shows you how to perform the steps in a slower, more user-friendly fashion.

Learn how to connect your SharePoint tasks to Microsoft Outlook 2010

In order to stay on top of your shared task list in SharePoint it’s great to connect the list to Outlook. To do that, click the “List Tools” and choose “Connect to Outlook”. Click “Allow”. [Click] “Yes”. And now I have all of my tasks in Outlook.

How to see SharePoint tasks in Outlook

 I can easily add a new task, here I’ll assign a task to Jacob to book catering, I’ll enter a start date and an end date.

How to see SharePoint tasks in Outlook

 Now if I go back to our team site and [click] “refresh” you can see that the new task I assigned to Jacob is synchronized and visible on SharePoint.

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