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Dear Readers,

With this first blog post, I’d like to warmly welcome you to Business Productivity. I know that you all have packed agendas and an overflow of commitments, so my promise to you is that I will do my best to keep the content on this site worth your while. If you haven’t already seen the videos or listened to the introduction, let me tell you a little bit about what makes us different.

For years I’ve worked as a Business Productivity Advisor helping clients become more productive using software. Many people I meet feel overwhelmed by the amount of new technology invading their lives. They don’t spend time learning the benefits that the new technology can provide them with and they get frustrated. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been passionate about technology. Not the circuits or chips themselves, but the impact that technology can have on our lives. I’m confident that we can all benefit and live richer lives if we just learn how to make technology work for us. But to do that, we need to understand how.

There are numerous tutorials and “how-to” videos available on the Internet, but most of them focus on the features and functions, not why you should do it and the benefits you would obtain. This is where we come in. We focus on the value, the increased business productivity that you would gain from improving the way you use technology. My aim is to constantly provide you with new, informative videos that will help you in your day to day work. Please watch the videos and give me feedback through the contact form or emailing me at ulrikahedlund@businessproductivity.com.