Summing up 2013 and taking on 2014

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It’s hard to believe that another year has passed and that it’s time for me to sum up 2013 and share the plans for 2014. It’s been another exciting year with a lot of new content created, new partnerships signed and new team members coming on board.

Summing up 2013

During 2013 we completed our video library of short Microsoft Office 2010 videos that showcase how to perform day-to-day business scenarios effectively. The full video library with over 100 videos can be accessed through our own site, or through corporate Intranets. The library is unique in its kind and more organizations are seeing the benefits of an on-demand “YouTube” style learning for their employees.

Udemy summary 2013In April 2013, we were accepted as a premium course contributor to Udemy, a popular online learning platform. Udemy provides e-learning courses, so in addition to the short videos available in our video library, we started to produce 1-1.5 hour courses combining best practices with effective use of Microsoft Office. The first course, “Eye-catching presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010” was published in April. Throughout the year we released additional courses covering Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint and Lync. Via Udemy we trained more than 4077 new students in over 21 countries in 2013. The course reviews have been amazing.

In addition to Udemy, we also signed agreements with Adobe and Bizsnack, to have our courses featured on their e-learning platforms.

During the year we worked with a focus group that provided us with extremely positive and valuable feedback on our content. A lot of the feedback will be incorporated into the plans for 2014.

Our weekly blog “Get Sharp” and our weekly “Quick-tip” are continuing to grow in popularity and the number of website visitors to our site is growing steadily.

We launched a new YouTube video channel where we publish our weekly, 1-min, “How-to” video as well as some of our video library content. To better explain what we are all about we also produced a new introduction video that you can watch here.

Taking on 2014

The big focus for us in 2014 will be Office 2013, Yammer and Office 365. We’ll continue to work closely with Microsoft as a Microsoft Certified Learning Partner to provide our joint customers with end-user training – onsite and online. We already have customers lined up for our Office 2013 video library and onsite customer awareness sessions. We’ll continue to provide various channels for our customers to access our videos, including on-premise SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Intranet solutions and cloud-based solutions on Azure.

Following the success of our Office 2010 courses on Udemy, we will be publishing new courses on Office 2013 on Udemy and our other e-learning partner platforms.

In 2014 we’ll be expanding our video production capacity to better meet the increased demand for custom made videos from customers who want to increase employee productivity on platforms such as and other internal applications.

During 2014 we will be investing money in marketing, both online and in-person. We will be attending a number of trade shows and events, both in the region and internationally. Please let us know if you would like to see us at any specific event during the year.

As always we are looking for new ways to help you increase the return of your investment in technology and help you and your employees shine. Please let us know if you have any good ideas you would like to discuss. We’re always open to new business opportunities. Just send me an email at and we’ll discuss.

We look forward to working with you in 2014!

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