Professional documents using Word 2013

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Do you ever think about how much time you spend using Microsoft Word? Microsoft Word is one of those applications that most business professionals use on a daily basis. Even though it’s so widely used, very few people leverage the full functionality of Word. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen people waste hours and hours of their valuable work time by manually inserting page numbers and table of contents, just because they don’t know how to effectively use Word. Word is an extremely powerful application with which you can create great looking, professional documents. Today I’m very pleased to share that our course “Professional documents using Word 2013” is now live on Udemy. In this course you will learn how to:

1. Create professional documents

Do you wish you could produce reports that looked really professional? Do you wish you knew how to add something extra to your documents to make them stand out? Do you wish you knew how to effectively use Word to collaborate with others? If so our latest course “Professional documents using Microsoft Word 2013” is the right course for you! After watching our course you will know how to effectively use new and existing tools in Word 2013 to create professional documents and you’ll save time by automating a lot of things you are doing manually today.

In the first lecture “Add structure to your documents” you will learn how to create a professional document by using a number of built-in capabilities in Word that can help you add structure to your document. By adding styles you can more easily navigate your document and move things around. In this lecture, you’ll learn how to edit PDF documents using Word 2013 which is a very useful feature.

Professional documents using Word 2013

In the lecture called “Enrich your writing” you’ll learn how to enhance your writing using synonyms, how to look up more background information about a topic directly from within your document and how to use the translation tool to translate text into another language. This will save you a lot of time and limit outside distractions.

In the lecture called “Create a professional letterhead template” you will find useful tips on how to create a clean and professional letterhead template which you can use in your correspondence with colleagues and external business partners.

You will also learn how to compose a professional looking report by inserting table of contents in your report, adding page numbers and how to use proper references to your sources.

Creating a winning proposal takes time and effort. In the lecture “Write a winning proposal” you will learn how to write a winning proposal with an attractive cover page and live videos. You will also learn some practical tips on how to work with tables, how to inspect your document with “Document Inspector” to make sure it doesn’t contain any hidden data.

Finally, you will learn how to create an attractive looking article using a number of tools in Word 2013. You’ll learn how to format text into multiple columns, how to insert and edit images and how to make your article stand out using drop caps and callouts.

Professional documents using Word 2013

2. Personalize mass letter and email

In these two lectures, you will learn how to personalize letters and email using a capability in Word called Mail Merge. This capability has been in Microsoft Word for many years, it’s powerful, but also quite tricky. You will learn how to personalize letters and emails by using the recipient’s name, how to insert data fields such as date and location and finally you will learn how to use more advanced “if-statements” to fine-tune the contents of your written communication.

If you know how to use these tools well you will be able to save a lot of time when communicating with customers.

3. Collaborating on documents

When you’re working on a document it’s very beneficial to ask others to review it for you and to track changes they make to the document. In Word 2013 Microsoft has introduced a cleaner, simpler view of tracked changes and a richer experience for adding and responding to comments. In the lecture “Review a document using tracked changes” you will see step by step how different people review a document and how you as the document author can choose to accept or reject the proposed changes.

In the lecture “Co-author a document from anywhere” you will learn how you can be much more efficient using Word 2013 in your collaboration by co-authoring documents in real-time. You can also access your documents from anywhere and edit them from any device using the Web App, Word Online and Word for iPad.

Professional documents using Word 2013

Do yourself a favor and learn how to effectively use Word

Being able to produce high-quality documents is a key skill for a business professional. Do yourself a favor and learn how to use Word effectively today. By knowing how to effectively use Word you will save time by automating a lot of things you would otherwise do manually and by knowing how to create professional documents you will surely become more successful in your role.

The step-by-step tutorials in this course help you through each step, and if you need to review a certain scenario you can just watch that part of the video over and over again. Good luck, I hope you enjoy the course that you can access here.