Introducing Storyals: Our Story-based Tutorials

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I recently received a message from a reader in France who had found our site via a video on YouTube. He said he was very interested in what we are doing but asked why there hadn’t been a blog post for so long. This really was the fuel I needed to sit down, even though I have a million other things to do, and share what we are doing.

The past year, we have been contacted by a growing number of enterprises and medium-sized businesses, to produce videos for their Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) rollouts. We are also working on making our existing material available for a wider audience free of charge through several new “How-to” websites that will also be launched in a couple of months. For customers who prefer, step-by-step learning, we are producing courses that are being published on Udemy and other video platforms, and last, but certainly not least, we are working on an entirely new website and e-commerce platform for our new product offering…

Introducing Storyals

As we come closer to launch you will see and hear more about our exciting news. For now, I would like to introduce Storyals, which stands for story-based tutorials.

We strongly believe that we are breaking new ground with this new type of inspiring, motivating, educational and impactful tutorials, which show users in an upbeat, engaging way, how technology can be used in real-life scenarios to boost productivity. When we design these story-based tutorials, that combine live video footage with step-by-step screen captures, we review all the available features and functions and narrow down the selection to focus on the most important capabilities that provide users the biggest impact. Since the videos are only 10 minutes long, every second is well planned and executed, making sure the user gets maximum value for the time they spend watching it.


These story-based tutorials, along with introduction videos where I, Ulrika Hedlund, introduce the various topics of Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) to guide the viewer through the onboarding experience, will be available as individual “video packages” that organizations of all sizes will be able to purchase.
We are extremely excited about this new, unique product offering and look forward to sharing more with you within the next few months.

Update: Storyals now comes in two different offerings: Storyals Lite and Storyals Pro. Both versions include Storyals’ unique, story-based video content and Microsoft’s provisioned product tutorial videos, in a pre-populated SharePoint communication site. You can learn more about the new offerings here.

Update 2: The Storyals website is now available in Swedish, check out for Storyals in Svenska!

Update 3: Storyals is now a Microsoft Gold Partner and is now featured in the Microsoft adoption partner solution gallery

Update 4: Storyals is now a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work with a Specialization in Adoption and Change Management.

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