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In the blog post titled “Future plans for Business Productivity” posted April 9th, I shared with you some of our plans for the updated version of our web site. I’m happy to announce that we will be going live with the new web site within the coming week. You can read more about the changes we are making in the blog post mentioned above, in this week’s blog post I wanted to tell you what you can expect moving forward.

My weekly blog – Get Sharp!

My weekly blog where you can learn essential business skills, methods for improving productivity and get My weekly blog where you can learn essential business skills, methods for improving productivity and get up to speed on new technology developments will still be available for free to all website visitors. The blog will be published on a weekly basis under the new title “Get Sharp”. We’ve categorized the blog articles into new categories so that it will be easier for you to navigate the various topics. Examples include “Effective meetings”, “Time Management”, “Presentation skills”, etc.

Our video library – Get Productive!

Since we launched the website we have been publishing new productivity videos covering Microsoft products on a weekly basis, this means that we now have a comprehensive video library to offer.

The videos will be found under the title “Get Productive!” and you can navigate the videos either by their updated topics such as “Managing Email”, “Presenting with impact” or “Working with numbers” or by product name such as “Microsoft Outlook 2010”, “Microsoft PowerPoint 2010” or “Microsoft SharePoint”.

Our ambition is not to have a huge video library with abundant videos covering each topic. We know that your time is extremely limited and valuable, therefore we want to make sure that you have the videos you need to be effective – no more no less!

We will continue to add videos to the library as needed based on customer feedback and customer requests. So please make sure to let us know what videos you would like to see added to the video library, send us an email at and we’ll do our best to accommodate your video request. At the moment we have a number of videos on Excel lined up that we will publish during the next couple of months.

Videos on the next version of Microsoft Office

It’s been rumored that the next version of Microsoft Office, code-named “Microsoft Office 15,” will be launched within a year. This means that there will be a big demand for video tutorials on how to improve business productivity using the latest version of Microsoft Office. We will start early planning and produce videos that will show you how you can get the most out of the new version of Microsoft Office.

Subscribing to our video tutorial library

All the videos in the video library will be available to subscribing members on a monthly basis for $9.95/month or on an annual basis for $99.50/year. This will give you full access to all the videos on the site.

For customers who wish to get access to our video library for their employees, please contact us at We can provide customized pricing packages depending on the size of your organization.

Please have patience

Even though we have tried to cover everything in the update of our website, there are bound to be some last minute glitches and technical difficulties. I would like to please ask for your patience while we migrate to the new site and get everything up and running smoothly.  We are working really hard to make sure that you will be satisfied with the content and the service we are providing. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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