Introducing How to Excel – Scenario-based Excel Tutorials

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For years we have been helping users boost productivity using Microsoft Office through our scenario-based tutorials. We have gotten remarkable feedback from people around the world and our tutorials are available through various online training platforms such as Udemy and CyberU – as well as our own website Business Productivity.

While many users and organizations today have transitioned to subscription-based applications through Office 365, there are still many individuals and corporations that use the older, standalone versions of Office, including Office 2010 and Office 2013. We truly believe that there is a sizeable demographic that do not have the financial means to invest in courses on how to effectively use these tools, that would greatly benefit from tapping into the wealth of knowledge we provide through our tutorials.

This is where How-to Excel comes in. How to Excel is a new website where we make our tutorials available for free to help people across the globe master Microsoft Excel 2013 to easily navigate a spreadsheet, visualize data with charts, rearrange and clean up data and so on.

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The tutorials consist of ten topics that we believe are essential for Microsoft Excel users. They are easy to grasp and are accessible to view in both video and text formats. These tutorials are unrestricted and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, on any smart device, at any time. (If you prefer, you can watch the tutorials directly from our YouTube channel).

What makes How to Excel tutorials unique?

  1. Our tutorials focus on the result rather than emphasizing on individual features
  2. The tutorials are scenario-based, making them more engaging
  3. Each tutorial demonstrates best practices
  4. They are easy to understand with captions provided for those who are hearing impaired or have difficulty understanding English

Here is one of our video tutorials on “How to Analyze data in a PivotTable with Excel 2013


We are so excited about sharing our knowledge with a larger audience and we truly believe How to Excel will help end-users around the world increase their productivity.

We are ready to launch more websites of free Microsoft Office tutorials. You can have a look at our other How-to sites including, and that we had launched earlier for free Word 2013 and PowerPoint 2013 and Outlook 2013 tutorials respectively.

PS. If you have already said goodbye to Excel 2013 and moved on to the updated Office 365 application, check out “The ultimate real-life Office 365 productivity course” available on Udemy and other course platforms. Organizations who are looking for end-user training on Office 365 can check out the content subscription offering on