Introducing GetSharpVideos and GetSharpCourses

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Rapid developments in productivity software have had a significant impact on the way employees communicate and collaborate with one another and productivity tools are vastly different from just a few years ago. This leaves organizations with the ever-growing need to train employees and the challenge of constantly keeping them up to speed on how to effectively use technology and how to change habitual work methods.

A new type of training targeted for today’s YouTube savvy workforce

Many organizations today struggle with inefficiencies and unrealized potential – all because employees don’t know how to effectively use the tools they have. Traditional training doesn’t meet the needs of today’s workforce. People aren’t interested in spending hours learning a product – they want immediate results. Today’s business professionals go to YouTube to look for expertise, but the quality of the videos there is vastly inadequate so instead of increasing productivity, employees end up wasting even more time.


Business Productivity’s GetSharpVideos is an innovative training offering designed to boost employee productivity and increase the return on investment in everyday productivity tools such as Lync, SharePoint, Outlook and Excel. GetSharpVideos provide organizations with high-quality, video-based training that employees can access directly through their Intranet. Instead of attending a training where you learn a product inside out and then forget about it, GetSharpVideos is for everyday use and provides employees with the skills they need, when they need it. Unlike typical tutorials that demonstrate product features, GetSharpVideos focuses on real-life business results.

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GetSharpVideos comprises ten-minute ‘scenario’ videos and one-minute ‘how-to’ videos. In the ten-minute scenario videos, employees learn how to effectively use Microsoft Office in typical business scenarios. The one-minute ‘how-to’ videos give employees quick answers and encourage them to learn more by watching the full ten-minute scenario videos.

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GetSharpVideos can be implemented in a number of different ways, depending on your organizations IT infrastructure – as an on-premise solution or cloud-based, as part of your Learning Management System, enterprise video platform, or integrated into your SharePoint Intranet.


GetSharpCourses are designed for new or current employees who need to brush up on their Microsoft Office skills. GetSharpCourses are approximately one hour long online video courses covering a certain application like Word, Outlook or OneNote. By watching these courses your employees will learn how to work smarter, increase productivity and also how to get results. All courses combine best practices and better work methods with effective use of technology. GetSharpCourses are available for on-the-go training so your employees can watch them at any point in time on their computer, tablet or mobile device.

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The growth of “Corporate YouTube” solutions

More and more organizations are seeing the benefits of implementing a “corporate YouTube” solution. There are a number of enterprise video solutions available on the market including Qumu, Kaltura, Panopto, MediaPlatform and Kontiki. Using a corporate video platform, employees can create and upload their own videos for sharing best practices and various departments can upload videos for corporate communication and training. With GetSharpVideos we help organizations fill their enterprise video platforms with professional, high-quality videos, helping them drive adoption of the solution and increase the return on investment through improved employee productivity. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if your organization has implemented an enterprise video platform and you would like to know more about getting GetSharpVideos for your employees.

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