Business Productivity signs agreement with Adobe

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Update: Adobe KnowHow has shut down its operations in January 2018.

You can still find all our courses on our websiteUdemy and our sister site Storyals.


Last week, August 30, Adobe announced a new learning service called Adobe KnowHow.

Adobe KnowHow

With this service Adobe aims to take a bite of the growing online learning market. Through Adobe KnowHow people from all over the world can learn new skills online through a new innovative, online user experience. Business Productivity has signed an agreement with Adobe to provide courses on how to increase productivity using Microsoft Office through the newly launched learning service.

The corporate e-learning market is growing rapidly

The adoption of e-learning is growing for companies of all sizes around the globe. Corporate training is a 200 billion dollar industry of which 26 million is represented by e-learning. According to an article in the Elearning! Magazine in May, the corporate e-learning market is expected to double over the next three years.

Adobe’s unique e-learning service

One of the challenges with e-learning is that course attendees lose their focus and find it difficult to stay engaged. Adobe’s new learning platform aims to combat this challenge by allowing course attendees to take notes while they are watching the online course.

Take notes while watching the course on Adobe KnowHow

The notes are captured on top of the course through Adobe’s KnowHow learning platform. Your notes are visible as little speech icons on the course navigation bar so that you can easily go back and review your notes.

Your notes in Adobe KnowHow


According to Adobe, future enhancements, like course captions will be added to the service to further enrich the experience.

Business Productivity’s courses on Adobe KnowHow

Currently, Business Productivity offers four courses on Adobe KnowHow:

Manage email, time and contacts using Microsoft Outlook 2010

Sharpen your skills using Microsoft Excel 2010 for business

Eye-catching presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Smart and effective notes using Microsoft OneNote 2010

Business Productivity's courses on Adobe KnowHow

Additional courses will be added throughout the year so stay tuned for more!

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