Business Productivity broadens its reach

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In a continuous effort to provide the best possible training services for our customers, and to reach our vision of becoming the premier channel for business professionals who want to increase their business productivity using Microsoft Office, we are making a change to our video delivery channels.  Since we started our company, it has been of key importance to deliver high-quality, ad-free training videos to our customers. We have done this by providing subscription-based memberships to our website In April we also started selling access to our scenario-videos through courses that we published on the online training platform Udemy. Since we started using Udemy as a video delivery channel, more and more customers have been purchasing our content through there and the feedback has been amazing. In order to build on this momentum, and to grow the reach of our customer base, we will be providing our content through 3 different channels moving forward. In this week’s blog post we’ll share the changes with you.

Introducing 3 delivery channels

Beginning in November 2013, Business Productivity videos will be available through the following three channels:

1. Online courses through Udemy (ad-free) – Our premier channel for individuals and corporations who are looking for impactful, scenario-based, Microsoft Office courses, will be the online learning platform Udemy. On Udemy we have grouped our scenario-based videos into 1-1.5 hour long courses. The courses are ad-free, in high-definition and once you sign up for a course you have access to it for life. You can access the course through a browser or download an app to your iPhone/iPad to take it offline (an Android app will also be available).

Business Productivity broadens its’ reach

Courses are available for individual consumers as well as organizations. Please contact us today if you are interested in a corporate volume discount rate.

2. Onsite video library (ad-free) – For larger organizations who like our stand-alone video format, we offer our Business Productivity video collection. Customers can select to purchase the full collection of “scenario-based” and “how-to” videos or select to purchase videos in a group. The video collection library can be delivered through existing Learning Management Systems or Intranet portals. In addition to the current videos already published, custom-made video tutorials can be provided to organizations who wish to extend the video collection with additional training videos. Please contact us to learn more about our video collection pricing, delivery options and custom-made video tutorials.


Business Productivity broadens its’ reach

 3. Stand-alone videos via YouTube (ads) – In order to extend the reach of our Business Productivity videos, we will be providing our videos through our newly launched YouTube channel. Even our own site, will be featuring the YouTube videos from our channel. The videos will contain advertising to our own Udemy courses as well as other general advertising moving forward.

 Important changes to current subscribing customers

All current subscribing individual members will be moved to Udemy. Instead of paying for a monthly or annual subscription, Udemy courses provide lifelong access. An email will be sent out with directions on how to convert your membership. Subscribing organizations who prefer the stand-alone video format will be offered an onsite video collection library option, where all our videos will be available to your employees, ad-free. We will be working closely with all our customer to ensure a seamless transition.

An exciting path ahead

We’re really excited about the path ahead. In addition to broadening our reach, we will also be publishing new courses on new topics essential to a modern workplace. I’d like to thank all of you for your encouraging feedback, positive reviews and good suggestions. It’s by working closely together with you that we can improve our video content and fine-tune our delivery options to become the premier channel for business professionals today.

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