An Exciting New Year Ahead

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I thought I would end this year with a personal note and reflect on the year that passed and share with you some of the exciting things we have lined up for 2012. I’m writing this blog post from my hometown Stockholm – I love how technology enables us to work from anywhere!

The first 80 days

Since the launch of on October 6th, we have received an enormous amount of positive feedback. We have reached thousands of visitors from all over the world. Our visitors are primarily from the following countries (in falling order) UAE, USA, Sweden, U.K, Canada, India, Germany, Egypt, Poland and France. We haven’t done any advertising of our site so the spread has just been through word of mouth. In addition to the positive feedback from our many viewers, we have also received other official recognitions. On October 25th we were honored by the prestigious recognition by 85 Broads as “A company that rocks” and on December 9th we were awarded the title “Best website in the community” at the 2011 Middle East Internet Awards. We are very proud of what we have accomplished during the first 80 days!

Our videos

The tutorial videos we provide, with step-by-step guidance on how to use productivity applications in a business context, are unique. The videos don’t focus on product features, but instead on best practices for how to use the applications effectively – something that a lot of users are asking for. To today’s date, we have published videos on Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Visio. We will continue to produce more videos on these applications, we will also be adding videos on Microsoft Excel and Microsoft OneNote.

Our channels

In addition to the weekly video and blog article on our website we also have continuous activities through various other channels. On our Facebook page and Google + page, our fans get a weekly Productivity Tool, a short video (less than 60 seconds) on how to perform various tasks, such as “how to remove the background from a picture” or “how to insert a single page in landscape mode”. A number of our videos are also available through our YouTube channel. Even though this is not the best site to access our videos from (there is no transcript page with screenshots to accompany the videos), but it is still a good channel for us to be present in for those who are used to searching for videos on YouTube. We have a number of followers on Twitter who get updated news related to how to increase business productivity.

Plans for 2012

The plan for 2012 is to continue to listen to you, our viewers, and shape our content as per your requests. We will be adding the ability to sign up for a monthly newsletter so that you will get a summarized email with all the videos and articles we have published throughout the month. We will also be changing the layout of our website to help you navigate the videos more easily. A number of corporations have asked us for the ability to access our video content through their own Intranets. We are currently looking into the possibility of creating a “Business Productivity Training Video Library” that can be installed and accessed through corporations’ own Intranet sites. We also have a number of other ideas on how we can continue to provide great tools for improving your business productivity- so stay tuned for more exciting developments!

(If you have difficulties reading this article, you can access the full article in pdf here)