How to use cross references

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To reference a section in a document properly, mark the name where you want the reference added, on the “REFERENCES” tab click “Cross-reference”. In the “Reference type” drop down, select what it is you want to refer to and in this case it is a heading. In the “Insert reference to” select what information you want to add to your document. Select the heading name and click “Insert”.

How to use cross-references

The name of the heading is now inserted as a cross-reference so that if you change the name of your heading in the document, the name will be updated here as well. In order to help readers that read the report on paper it’s good to add the page number as well. Add the text, “on page” and then click “Cross-reference” again, change the “Insert reference to” to page number. Again, select the heading you want to refer to.

How to use cross-references

Now the page number is added to the reference.