How to use Crop to Shape in PowerPoint 2013?

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Please note that this is a shortened, fast-speed video with the objective to give you a glimpse of ways in which you can improve your business productivity. The full video: “Get creative with shapes in PowerPoint 2013” shows you how to perform the steps in a slower, more user-friendly fashion.

How to use Crop to Shape in PowerPoint 2013?

Crop to shape can effectively be used if you need to crop an object that does not have 90-degree angles. Here I have an image of an iPad. As you can see the iPad has rounded corners. So instead of using the normal crop tool, I am going to use “Crop to Shape” and use a rounded rectangle shape. To use ”Crop to Shape”, mark the object and on the format tab click “Crop” and then “Crop to Shape”.

How to use crop to shape thumbnail image in PowerPoint 2013

Here I’ll select a rectangle with rounded corners. I’ll move the little yellow marker to change the sharpness of the rounded corners. There, now the iPad has been cropped into a proper shape.


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