How to share calendar information via email in Outlook 2010

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Learn how to share calendar information via email in Microsoft outlook 2010

Here I have an email, where I’m asked to share the dates and locations for my upcoming roadshow. I have all of these details in my calendar; but instead of writing this down in an email or inserting a screenshot that would also show my private appointments, what I can do is that I can reply to this email by inserting a calendar. [Go to the “Insert” tab then click “Calendar”] I’ll choose the dates for the second week of December.

How to  share calendar information via email

Here I can choose how much detail I want to show, I want to show full details.

How to  share calendar information via email

However, I don’t want to include items marked as private, so I’ll keep this box empty:

How to  share calendar information via email


And I’ll change the email layout to a “List of events” and then I’ll click “OK”. Outlook has now formatted an email for me, with all of the details for this upcoming roadshow. However, it doesn’t show any information about my private appointments.

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