How to search for email in Outlook 2010

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Learn how to search for email in Microsoft Outlook 2010

When you’re replying to email it’s quite common that you need to refer to another email that you have received or sent previously. Here I have an email from John. He’s asking me about an agenda I’ve previously sent him in an email. So in order to respond to him I need to find the email I previously sent him.

To do that, I’ll go to my “Sent Items” folder. This is organized by date, but since I don’t know when I sent this email I’m going to change the sort order. To do that, I’ll click on “Arrange By:” and select “To”.

How to search for email

I’ll hold down the SHIFT-key while I start typing “John Mathews”. As I do, the email will appear. Another way that I could use to find this email is by using the search box. When I click here the search tools appear. And here I can choose different criteria for my search. So for instance, I know that I sent the agenda in an attachment, so I can click “Has Attachments”.

How to search for email

Here I can also type different file types. So for instance, if I sent it in a PowerPoint presentation I could type “pptx”. And then I would get all the PowerPoints that I’ve sent. In this case I know that I sent it as a Word document, so I’ll just type “docx”. And here I have the email with the agenda I sent.

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