How to present using touch in PowerPoint 2013

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Please note that this is a shortened, fast-speed video with the objective to give you a glimpse of ways in which you can improve your business productivity. The full video: “Feel confident presenting using PowerPoint 2013” shows you how to perform the steps in a slower, more user-friendly fashion.

How to present using touch in PowerPoint 2013

To move back and forth in your presentation on your touch device you can use your finger and swipe on the screen. To move forward in your presentation swipe from right to left, to move back swipe from left to right. To access the presentation menu in the bottom left corner just tap anywhere on the screen. Here you can use the arrows to step back and forth.

To see all your slides zoom out by pulling your fingers together vertically. Tap on the slide you want to show. To zoom in, pinch and move your fingers out. To zoom out again pinch your fingers together. Another way to zoom in is to double-tap, double tap again to zoom about.

To play a video in touch screen mode just tap with your finger anywhere in the video. To pause, tap again. To fast forward touch anywhere on the progress bar to move to that point in time in the video. If you want to switch slides before the video has finished, tap and hold on the video until the presentation menu bar appears and then click the forward or back arrow.

To end your presentation just tap and select “End Presentation” in the menu.