How to insert a page in landscape mode in Word 2010?

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How to insert a page in landscape mode using Microsoft Word 2010

Here I have a document where I want to insert financial data that I’ve copied from Excel. Now, in order to see the numbers properly, I want the page to have a landscape layout. To do that I need to insert “Next Page Breaks” so that Word understands that the landscape layout should only be for this single page.
I’ll insert the first break at the end of the preceding section and one at the beginning of the following section.

Click the “View” tab, and then select “Outline” view, in order to see that you have inserted the “Next Page breaks” properly.

I’ll close down this view and go back to the page where I want the landscape layout, under “Orientation” I’ll select “Landscape”.

Then I will right-click and select paste as picture and as you can see I now have a page with financials in landscape mode.

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