How to filter and sort a pivot table in Excel 2010?

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To filter in a PivotTable you can either go to the drop-down arrow or you can go to the field list.

How to filter and sort a PivotTable

Here I’ll select “Product Category”, deselect “Select All” and then select “Corporate subscriptions”. And then I’ll do the same thing for the Sales Month; deselect [Select All] and select “July”. OK.

Now I’m just looking at July 2011 and I’m only looking at Corporate subscriptions. To open up the field list again just click anywhere in the PivotTable.

Now I’d like to know which Account manager sold the best in 2011. To do that I’m going to sort largest to smallest.

How to filter and sort a PivotTable

So I’ll right-click and then I’ll select “Sort”,[Click] “Largest to Smallest”. Here I can see that Abdullah had the largest total sales revenue for 2011. If I do the same sorting for 2012; [click Sort], [click] Largest to smallest I can see that currently, Nicole has sold the most for 2012.


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