How to create Search Folders in Outlook 2010?

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Learn how to create Search Folders in Microsoft Outlook 2010

A search folder in Outlook doesn’t actually contain any emails, it’s just like a saved search. So for instance here I have all the emails that I have ever received from Rebecka. And I can see in what folder they are located.

How to create Search Folders

My archive folder, I can also see our instant messaging conversations. To create a new search folder, right-click on “Search Folders” and select “New Search Folder…”.

How to create Search Folders

Here you can select different criteria:

How to create Search Folders

And in this case, I’m going to choose “Mail from and to specific people” and I’m going to choose John Mathews here. And as you can see I now have a new search folder called “John Mathews” with all of the email communication to and from John.

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