Highlights of PowerPoint 2013

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PowerPoint now comes with a rich set of new presentation themes. You can get a good overview of the designs so that you see what they look like using different color combinations and various content before you select your theme.
When you open up a presentation you’ve been working on, PowerPoint remembers where you last left off so that you can quickly get back up to speed again.
PowerPoint 2013 remembers where you left off
The default slide size in the new PowerPoint has been changed to a widescreen format. This is because most modern displays today are widescreen. You can easily switch back to the previous standard format, if you do PowerPoint will help resize the content of the presentation for you.
There are a number of new tools for working with images in PowerPoint. Red dotted lines called alignment guides appear when you are aligning images or objects. The alignment guides show distances between objects so that you can make them perfectly aligned and position them exactly where you want them.

Alignment guides in PowerPoint 2013

The Eyedropper tool helps you pick precise colors for your slides and objects. Using the Eye dropper tool you can pick colors from a logotype or other image or object on the slide to get the exact color combinations you are looking for.

Eye-dropper tool in PowerPoint 2013

You now have unlimited options for creating shapes in PowerPoint. You can merge shapes together in a number of different ways to create shapes of your own.
Using media in your presentation is easier than ever before. Add music to your presentation that plays across your slides as you present or insert an online video from YouTube into your presentation to make it really impactful.
You can finish your presentations faster by collaborating on them with others in real-time. You can easily see and reply to comments made by co-authors and you can access, and edit your presentation from a wide range of tablets and smart phones.

PowerPoint 2013 makes it easier to collaborate

New, exciting transitions will add drama to your presentations to keep your audience captivated, and the new presenter view makes it easier for you to deliver presentations. In the presenter view you can see the current and next slide, your slide notes and the duration of your presentation. You can use highlighting pens and laser pointers and smoothly switch between slides in your presentation.

If you are presenting on a touch device you can move forward in your presentation by swiping the screen and you can more effectively illustrate your message by drawing on your slides.

No matter what device you are using, the new PowerPoint will help you create and deliver more eye-catching presentations.