Do you want to boost the productivity of your organization?
Are your employees bored with traditional training?

GetSharpVideos is a new, innovative training solution designed for today’s Youtube savvy professionals.


Improve your skills

GetSharpVideos is a collection of short, impactful training videos showcasing how to effectively use Microsoft Office/Office 365 in real-life business scenarios. With GetSharpVideos your employees will improve their skills and learn what they need, when they need it, every day.

Focus on results

Instead of traditional, lengthy tutorials that walk through the features of a product, GetSharpVideos focus on results. Our highly-rated training videos show employees how to effectively use applications like Outlook, Lync and PowerPoint, in real-life business scenarios.

Learn from an expert

GetSharpVideos features Business Productivity Expert Ulrika Hedlund who shares her extensive expertise on how to work smarter and save time. In the easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials she combines better work methods with the effective use of Microsoft Office / Office 365.

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